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Best Leaf and Yard Debris Removal Service in Columbia

Do you need to have large items removed from your yard? Old bricks, pavers, leaves, and tree stumps are an eyesore.

We know how hard you work to make your yard look its best. Let us help you finish the job with effortless yard debris and waste removal.

For example, cluttered leaves can clog drain pipes and gutters. In addition, debris can build up and prevent your soil from receiving the nutrients it needs. We are here for you, call the professionals at Haul Away to clean up your yard waste and debris.

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Garden - Backyard Rubbish Pickup and Removal Service in Midlands

Garden and Backyard Rubbish Pickup or Removal Service In The Midlands

If you have just completed your annual or semi-annual yard cleaning and now have bags of leaves, yard waste or debris, call the waste removal professionals at Haul Away.

Our yard waste removal team follows all local codes and guidelines to ensure the proper disposal of your natural and synthetic lawn materials. Same-day pickup is often available when you call for a free quote.

How can we help?

Yard waste, or “green waste” is handled differently than inorganic waste such as trash because organic materials should not be bagged and tossed into landfills. Haul Away will be happy to schedule and provide a quote on removing and disposing of your yard waste at a reasonable price.

In addition to organic materials, Haul Away also provides the safe removal of all sorts of items, including bricks, pavers, rocks, cement blocks, old tires, and more. You name it, if it’s in your yard, we can haul it away. If you’ve got a real mess in your yard, don’t despair. Call us for a free no-hassle quote, having it removed once and for all!


Small Tree and Stump Removal

Our tree removal service can remove old, diseased, and dying trees on your property that are a hazard to your home and other properties. Our expert team members will ensure that your tree removal job, no matter how big or small, will be completed safely and with as little damage to your landscape as possible at a competitive price.

Dirt Removal

Dirt removal may be self-explanatory, but in reality, processing large quantities of dirt can be fairly complex. There are many variables to take into consideration, including underground obstructions such as pipes and wires, finding the best way to physically remove the dirt from the area, and potential uses for the dirt that has been removed.

Many people, especially in residential areas, are unfamiliar with the dirt removal process, and the enormity of the task can be overwhelming. Surveying the area for potential obstruction can save you from any unwanted damages.

Hardscape Removal And Delivery

Haul Away is a fast, convenient, and efficient way to remove and recycle hardscape debris. After your hard work, don’t you want to enjoy the nice clean look of a beautiful yard? We work with both residential and commercial customers and will pick up your gravel or rocks from anywhere in our service area. Schedule your appointment with Haul Away!

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We Help Recover From Natural Disasters

Natural disasters often happen when you least expect them. Sometimes it’s a storm that moves through the area with heavy rain or winds. This can cause fallen tree limbs, flooding or structural damage to your property. Once the immediate danger has passed, the cleanup of the damage can be overwhelming.

Haul Away is here to help you recover from a mild storm or even something more severe. We often partner with companies that specialize and help speed up the cleaning process. This can reduce further damage to your home or business. Count on Haul Away for your all in one junk removal service.

All in One Junk removal Service for your Outdoors

We’re one of the most experienced junk removal companies in South Carolina for both inside and outside jobs in your home. If you have a yard full of leaves or debris and want to get rid of them at once, get in touch with us now.

We make sure you get your property back at the state that it deserves to be. For example, if you have done a landscaping project or lawn mowing in your yard, it’s time to get rid of all the trash. We’re the right place to call when you have a lot going on in your ward. We ensure a to z cleanup of your yard and not to mention the proper disposal of the trash once we pick it up.

No matter how small or big the job is or what type of trash you got in your yard, don’t hesitate to book an obligation-free onsite estimate and check our capability by yourself.


Why should you hire Haul Away LLC for your outdoor trash removal?

Haul Away is a local company with 11 years of experience understanding and working with our community. All of our staff is highly experienced, so you can rely on us to get the job done, fast and efficient. However, if you compare the prices, our rates are one of the most affordable in the whole of South Carolina state.

What items do we pick up?

Other Outdoor items that we can remove from your yard:

We're Only One Phone Call Away!

Haul Away LLC will be happy to schedule an appointment and provide a free, no-hassle quote. We then remove and dispose of your yard debris at a reasonable price. We handle everything from light trimmings to old swing sets. Call us today and have it gone tomorrow!

What is yard waste?

Yard waste is simply the biological waste that is generated on your lawn, yard or garden. For example, you might be mowing your lawn or doing landscaping projects on your property, and this can create a lot of green waste that needs to be removed.

But that’s not all. You have trees on your property that can generate a ton of yard waste as well, like tree debris, broken sticks, leaves, etc. Other than that, one of the most common types of green waste is grass clippings, yard debris, brush, etc.

Our yard trash removal service will remove any amount of trees, grass, leaves, bushes and other debris from your property at a reasonable price. We have been in business since 2011, removing junk from yards throughout the area, including Columbia and the Midlands. 

At Haul Away LLC, we can help you with all types of outdoor waste that you need to remove. No job is too small or big for us and we take anything and everything! Call us today for more information!

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Very organized and quick with the junk removal I need for my yard.

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Had a wonderful experience with this junk removal service. They came when they said they would, they were mindful of my yard and his pricing is very fair and reasonable. You would pay double with one of those national franchises, I have. Highly Recommend

Tricia Kelley

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I could not be more pleased with this company and the service that was provided! They were very polite, professional, and immediately went to work. Highly recommend them and will most definitely use them again in the future if needed. The crew works hard and are very dedicated to their job!

J Axson

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