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When you need residential landscaping, excavating or light demolition for your residential or commercial property, count on the team at Haul Away. We have the equipment and the experience it takes to tackle any project.

We provide affordable prices and satisfaction is guaranteed. Get the professional finish you want on your property. Call today for a free estimate on any service!

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Do You Need To Professional Demolition For Your Residential And Commercial Project?

If you are planning construction for a commercial site or a residential lot, our experts at Haul Away provide a fast and affordable light demolition and debris removal service.

For those small and medium projects that the larger companies don’t have the time for, count on us. We have the experience and quality equipment to handle any light demolition projects.

Put your trust in the trained excavation experts at Haul Away. Whether you need footer service for a side project or your plumber needs a sewer line dug, we have the equipment and over 10 years of experience in excavation work for both residential and commercial properties.

Excavation and Hauling Services We Offer

Residential Demolition

A residential demolition can be done to remove any residential structure. Older historic homes may contain harmful asbestos, lead, and mercury, and can cause serious health risks. They can also have sections that are weak or have rotted, which could eventually collapse. If only part of the home is affected, demolishing that section can help preserve the rest of the home.

Other structures such as detached garages, workshops, barns, or patios can be demolished as well. If you purchased a home or plot of land that has a structure that you don’t want or that is unstable, unsafe, or unusable, we will demolish and haul it off.

Commercial Excavation

It eventually happens. The shed in the backyard becomes unsightly and unsafe. A lot of times it’s just wear and tear from the weather. Sometimes it’s been smashed by random falling limbs, whatever your motive is for having your shed removed and disposed of, we have the answer! We are a full service shed demolition service provider for Columbia, SC.


Common Items that we demolish:

Shed Removal

Got backyard sheds that need to be taken down? Let us take good care of that for you. We’ll take that down and haul away the remains, leaving you with a new and fresh outdoor space.

Mobile Home

Demolition is a common starter of many projects. Here at Haul Away, we understand that not everyone is equipped with demolition equipment, skills, time or energy to complete their own demolition, especially when it is a larger structure like a mobile home. 

If you are looking for help clearing a mobile home from your property, our team can assist you in the Columbia, SC and surrounding areas with our mobile home demolition services.


If you have a detached garage that you no longer use, it’s time for it to say goodbye. Haul Away LLC can demolish any detached garage and take away all the debris for you. It’s that easy!

Old Barn

Barns, sheds and pretty much anything that can help you with extra storage around the house is great. They are versatile and can be used in many different ways. The problem is barns don’t last forever. They all have an expiration date, and if yours is old and unusable, it just becomes an eye sore rather than a benefit. What do you do with an old junk barn? Call the experts at Haul Away.

Deck and Fence

If you have a rotting fence or deck, it can not only be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Unstable decks or leaning fences present a number of dangers to both adults and children. When it comes to removing them, there are a number of options. Doing the job yourself can also be dangerous if you don’t have experience with demolition. 

Property damage and injuries are fairly common consequences of inexperienced do it yourself demolition. Call the pros at Haul Away we will disassemble any old decking or fencing for you.

Hot Tubs

If you have a hot tub or spa in need of removal the experts at Haul Away. We can remove and haul your hot tub or spa just give a call and our friendly team will be there to help you. We give free estimates over the phone or you can text us. Hot tubs have a specific way in which they are to be disposed of. We charge based on the size of your Spa or Hot Tub.

We're Only One Phone Call Away!

Other Demolition Services we offer:

Why Choose Us for Your Demo Project?

Haul Away is here to help with your light demolition needs! We understand the risk of injury and damages that comes with this sort of work, and we take all the necessary precautions to mitigate this.

Our professionals know how to handle demolition with finesse, so when you’ve got a small structure that’s got to go, count on us to bring it down safely! Our pros have the knowledge and the tools they need for any demo project. Show us the structure, accept our service quote, and we begin our work. We bring down the structure cautiously, then haul away the debris!


How Much Will it Cost For Light Demolition Jobs?

We stay transparent when it comes to pricing. Haul Away LLC proudly offers high valued demolition service at a reasonable price. 

Work rates depend on the amount of content. It depends on the structure we have to demolish or the amount of debris to be cleared off. When we reach your site, we give you a flat rate and upfront estimate. 

No hidden charges, no surprises.

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Great experience! The service was promptly scheduled, efficiently completed and priced significantly below their national competition.

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Fast, courteous, reasonably priced and they kept me informed on when they would arrive.

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