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You’ve heard that a junk removal company can help you get rid of that old fridge or broken sofa, but how do junk removal services work?

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How does the junk removal service work?

It’s easy. All you need to do is call and schedule or book an appointment with us online. Team will then do a free estimate of the work. No hidden fees, no surprise, upfront pricing that works. Once we get you a quote, our team will start the removal process. All you need to do is point out the items you need us to remove and that’s it.

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How We Charge

RATES STARTS AT $99.00 We charge based on the amount of junk that needs to be removed! We provide an all-inclusive rate that will include labor, transportation, dump disposal or recycling fees. There is no hourly rate or any hidden fees or surcharges. ONE FLAT RATE FEE!!

Our team will assess your removal needs and give you a fair ONLINE OR ONSITE QUOTE. Junk removal made simple at Haul-Away. We offer affordable junk removal rates for our array of services. Flat rates and straightforward pricing.

Our professionals take in junk and determine the best eco-friendly disposal method for the item. From recycling and donation to dropping junk off at the nearest disposal facility, we deal with a large amount of landfill and recycling waste often and therefore have a wide access to and knowledge of facilities to drop-off used junk.

Haul Away provides recycling services for those committed to finding the most eco-friendly disposal method. Unlike other companies that dump your stuff in apartment complexes, burn the items, or other illegal or toxic disposal methods.

While most Removal companies simply dispose of old junk, at Haul Away we do our best to provide an eco-friendly service like recycling, donating, and otherwise properly disposing of junk for you.


frequently asked questions

At Haul-Away junk removal, our starting price is $99. Typically this will include a single piece of furniture like a dresser, mattress, bed frame or about 7- 12 bags of trash. Once you schedule a time with us, we estimate if you exceed the starting price and give you one upfront price at the site. All-inclusive, with no hidden charges, unlike many other companies who add additional cost for the weight and amount of junk afterwards. 

It depends on the item we take from you. If the things are in good condition, we can donate them to charities or give them away for free. If we’re taking electronic appliances or e-waste, most of them will be recycled to be reprocessed correctly. We try to keep the junk amount as low as possible that goes to the landfills. 

 Unlike most junk removal companies, Haul-Away will take all your household paint cans or household hazardous material for proper recycling, no matter the volume, we will take it. 

No you don’t . Your service fee typically covers the employee labor required to get your stuff loaded up into the truck. Some customers don’t even have to be present at the time of the service.  Just leave your junk in a designated place (like curb, backyard or front door) and it’lll be gone before you know it. 

Full Service means that Haul Away will come pick up any type of  junk from anywhere in your home or office, we will do all the loading and unloading , transportation and proper disposal and sorting for recycling. All this  for a one Upfront flat fee.

The list of items that our company will accept is pretty lengthy. However, if you have anything potentially hazardous, you should call the company prior to your appointment date to see if we will take it but we will find you a solution of how to get it removed for you. 

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I sent pictures of what I wanted to move, and I was quoted a price which I thought was more than fair. When they arrived the price was even lower than what I was quoted. They were very professional and fast. #HighlyRecommend 👍🏽👍🏽

Keosha Ayers

Google Review

The Haul-Away team called prior to arrival, and when they arrived, after introductions, they reviewed the load and went right to work. They were friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They were also conscientious, and covered the trailer with a roller screen to keep debris in the trailer. I just moved to the area, and am glad I found these guys, after calling 3 other companies. I have them in my phone for future needs. Also, the office kept in touch from beginning to end... something that is a rarity today. Call them and speak with Brittany. You'll see what I mean. Good luck!

Harold Gobbel

Google Review

I sent these guys a picture and they gave me a quote and came out and took the stuff right out my driveway. I am very pleased with there ability to get the job done in a timely manner.

Adam Goodman

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